Delve into the compelling photographs taken by Stanley Kubrick

Stanley Kubrick may be best known as an American filmmaker, known for directing features such as Dr Strangelove, A Clockwork Orange and The Shining, but before he came to prominence as an acclaimed director Kubrick was a staff photographer for Look magazine.

Kubrick joined the team at just 17-years-old, his humanisit feature celebrating his native New York City. With around 300 images, many previously unseen, as well as rate Look magazine tear sheets, book publisher Taschen will release ‘Through a Different Lens: Stanley Kubrick Photographs’ to coincide with a major exhibition at the Museum of the City of New York taking place between May 3rd – October 28th 2018.

The book will include an introduction by noted photography critic Luc Sante and will note the burgeoning creative genius’ features and images, from everyday people at the laundromat, to a day in the life of a debutant, through to a trip to the circus. The photographs reveal Kubrick’s innate talent for constructing creative storytelling and gives an insight into how this sensation transition to making some of the greatest movies of all time.

Purchase your copy of Through a Different Lens: Stanley Kubrick Photographs online at from May.


Clockwise from left: Stanley Kubrick, Stanley Kubrick with Faye Emerson from “Faye Emerson: Young Lady in a Hurry,” 1950 Copyright: ©SK Film Archives/Museum of the City of New York;Stanley Kubrick, from “Park Benches: Love is Everywhere,” 1946 Copyright: ©SK Film Archives/Museum of the City of New York