Hankering for old school 90s Nostalgia? Junodream have you sorted

Hailing from Bristol and now navigating the London music circuit, Junodream are five best friends offering experimental 90s rock and trip-hop melodies. Formed of Ed (lead vocals and keys), Tom (lead guitar), Dougal (rhythm guitar), Jake (drums) and Will (bass), MOTE Paper finds out what makes the boys tick.


What's the story behind the band name? 

Ed: After nearly a year of trying to find meaningful names, we opted for the tried and tested case of picking an obscure b-side of a trendy band, sandwiching the words together. The question is, what’s the b-side and will it stick?


Can you give me a bit of background behind the band? How did it start?

Tom: We are friends first and foremost. We started playing 5 years ago at school (snore). We were rubbish but for whatever reason, we kept pushing through different projects. Now we are OK.


Influences/idols? Why?

Jake: We like the 90s a lot: Beck, when he was a loser; Air, whose record ‘Moon Safari’ is very special; then there’s the Verve, Radiohead, Mazzy Star, Massive Attack, and Brian Jonestown Massacre to name a few.


How would sum up ‘your sound’ in five words?

Will: Big Boy Brit Bangers (Baby?)


Who do you write music for? Who is your audience?

Tom: Our mothers.


What has been your favourite venue to play to date?

Dougal: Birthdays in Dalston was a real pleasure. Phil, the sound engineer, just nailed it.


What’s coming up for the band?

Ed: A very exciting but also very secret extended play...


Junodream's five-track EP titled 'Lovely to Be Alone' is out mid-October.