Why Amber Mark should be on your radar

Amber Mark is an American singer and songwriter born and raised in New York City. She is currently focusing her energy on music and songwriting after releasing her debut EP ‘3.33am’ on 12th May. This EP follows Amber’s debut video for ‘Lose My Cool’, where she found herself #6 on the Spotify viral chart and breakthrough artist for the year.

Amber spent her early years travelling and experiencing different cultures with her mother who sadly passed away in 2013. These experiences were the inspiration for the songs on 3.33am in which Amber wrote and produced entirely herself. Having the opportunities to travel and observe different music genres and cultures was the primary influence for her music style now – a mixture between jazz and classical music and hip hop electronic.

3.33am is based largely on the loss of her mother where she conveys the pain and anguish she felt through her songs as well as the feelings she felt after her death, in hope to provide something people can share and relate to.

The EP includes her recent singles, ‘Lose My Cool’ and ‘Can You Hear Me?’ as well as five other songs, each based around the grieving process. As well as her album release, Amber has performed at the Peppermint Club in LA and The Waiting Room in London with more shows yet to be released.

To listen to Amber Mark visit: soundcloud.com/ambermark

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