Carnaby Collections at The Subculture Archives

This month, the scene of a subculture celebration popped up with a rebellious punk streak on Carnaby Street. The brains behind the operation have united a collective of influencers, historians and creatives to deliver a truly unique experience showcasing the multigenerational independence, defiance and DIY attitude that has shaped Britain’s subcultures and countercultures. with prints as well as craft and clothing from a specially selected collective of independent artists and photographers.

The new concept store, The Subculture Archives, unites a selection of British artists, thinkers and makers to bring a range of free cultural experiences, exclusive events and emerging talent in the birthplace of 1960s Swinging London and home to London’s vast music scene from the Mods to the New Romantics. The Subculture Archives have presented iconic collections including Paul Tickell’s documentary 'Punk and the Pistols,' the social history photobook ‘Exist To Resist’ from Matthew Smith and candid shots from Mancunian rave photographer, Peter Walsh.

This week sees the last of Subculture Archives’ extraordinary offerings. The hump day is, devastatingly, the last chance for us to cut loose at lunchtime and join the acid inspired archive day rave and, on Thursday evening’s closing hurrah, photographer, Owen Harvey, will be taking us back to the foundations of Mod culture in the UK delving into the progressive nature of the Mod movement.

The Subculture Archives is your one-stop shop for all things counterculture, so, hit Carnaby Street while you can and peruse a curated selection of books around the topic of counterculture and subculture, limited edition clothing, irreverent mugs from ‘People’s Republic of Stokes Croft’, affordable photographic prints and treats from the Vendart vending machine.

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