Proud Galleries celebrates the swinging sixties with an exhibition of photos by Brian Duffy

Proud Galleries are paying homage to the vibrant swinging sixities at their Proud Central Gallery with an exhibitoon of photographs by revered photographer Brian Duffy. The photographs, many unpublished since the 1960s, feature fashion editorials, celebrity images and international advertising campaigns that Duffy captured, representing the lifestyle trends of the decade.

Duffy first came to prominence working as a commercial photographer in 1959 where he shot his first commision for The Sunday Times. Since then he was selected to shoot editorials for British Vogue and worked with the likes of supermodels such as Jean Shrimpton and Paulene Stone, both of whom were synonymous with the sixties style and helped to redefine fashion within glossy magazines. Alongside David Bailey and Terrance Donovan, Duffy became a part of ‘The Terrible Trio’, each redefining fashion photography for the contemporary age.

Through a combination of commercial work and archival images, Duffy’s images present evolving identity politics and explored a new set of feminine ideals that were influenced by the supermodels he shot. Duffy captured ‘the single girl’ – the epitome of youthfulness and independent movement.

Explore his works at Proud central now - 18th March 2018.