Designed to connect people, planet and purpose

As part of a 10-year sustainability plan centred around three key pillars of environment, people and innovation, Gucci has launched an online platform, named Gucci Equilibrium, designed to connect people, planet and purpose and continue the conversation around balancing luxury with sustainability.

“We have been working on sustainability for so long and we realised at one point that our actions needed to be better understood within and outside the company,” president and CEO Marco Bizzarri told WWD.

The website will be used as a communication tool for the 13,000 strong team of Gucci employees to complement a new company-wide programme that will allow members of staff to dedicate 1% of their working time to volunteer in local communities. “We can’t save the world alone, but we must start from small things, and there are no shortcuts,” continued Bizzarri

At its core values, the first pillar (environment) will seek to guarantee the traceability of 95% of raw materials. Its ‘scrap-less’ programme in association with its tanneries reduces the quantity of leather that is treated during the manufacturing process. This follows the brand’s announcement in October 2017 that it will no longer use fur in any of its collections.  

Gucci also partakes in an ongoing campaign to support girls’ and women’s empowerment, diversity and inclusion through initiative such as ‘Chime for Change’, which is been publicised extensively through the work of its high-profile founders Salma Hayek and Beyoncé. Gucci Equilibrium will take the “people” focus one step further through social enterprises, such as “I was a Sari”, which sees Gucci craftsmen teach women from marginalised communities in Mumbai the skills to upcycle saris.

The third spotlight on “scouting, incubators, start-ups that can really change things” is an ongoing process with Gucci experimenting with 3D technology and the creation of new natural materials in its newly-built ArtLab.