A five-step guide to healthy skin for discerning skincare novices

Skincare can often be confusing, complex and costly; particularly for the stereotypical male who at best, has only ever used a supermarket’s own-brand moisturiser because his mum bought it for him one Christmas. But finally, it now seems that men are starting to wake up to the benefits and the enjoyment you can receive from investing time and money into the upkeep of your skin. From smaller, independent start-up brands that are set to break into the scene in the coming year or so – all the way through to luxury names – the industry has realised the potential of tapping into male skincare. Here are our essential items to have in your wash kit for 2018.


Soothe dry lips from sun and air conditioning with this iconic lip balm that is infused with antioxidant vitamin E and beeswax leaves lips soft and moisturised. Known for its deeply hydrating and nourishing conditioning formula - it’s the ideal balm to leave on your bedside table to grab and go. Its pocket friendly size is also great for frequent travellers. Lip Saver; Moltonbrown.co.uk, £12


Once you’ve cleaned the top layer of your skin of the day’s dirt, have a real deep clean with Niod’s powerful clarifying treatment. Apply a thin layer to skin, leave for ten minutes and rinse off for silky soft skin that’s clear of dirt. Tip: pop in the fridge about 15 minutes before using to get that extra fresh feeling. Flavonine Mud; niod.com, £25


An innovative new offering from French brand Clarins, the ‘Booster’ products come in three variations, and all tackle different skin troubles. ‘Energy’ can be used for tired skin, ‘Repair’ for damaged skin, and our personal favourite, ‘Detox’ can be used whenever your skin is feeling in need of a bit of love; from stress, harsh conditions or general discomfort. Squeeze two or three drops into your moisturiser, rub together in your hands and then apply to your face in smooth upwards motions. The highly concentrated formula is infused with high-quality ingredients such as ginseng and green coffee, which can make drastic differences to your skin. Detox Booster; Clarins.co.uk, £30


A simple and effective moisturiser for any gentleman regardless of his skin type, Clinque Broad Spectrum Moisturiser is especially good for those who suffer with changeable combination skin. It’s non-greasy, fragrance free and quickly dries into the skin. Use on your face, hands, body – wherever you need it, this can do the job. Broad Sprectrum Moisturiser; clinique.co.uk, £25


Shaving can seem like a chore but this shaving cream by Claus almost makes it enjoyable. Ingredients like lanolin and glycerin delicately moisturise the skin while also softening the beard for a close shave. Add to that is a subtle Orange Amber scent with top notes of mandarin, heart notes of lemon and bergamot and base notes of musk and amber – a sure way to wake up in the mornings. Simply apply to a wet face and rinse well after shaving. Claus Porot Orange Amber Shaving Cream; Mrporter.com, £20